Saturday, September 4, 2010

Party Hauling

Marcia, Suzy and Laurel at Marcia's house.  Her house should be in a magazine!
I am getting ready for a party.  Shhhhh, it is a surprise for my friend Suzy...remember her?  She's the one who broke her foot.  Well, it's her ____ Birthday and her husband called about a week ago and asked if I could have a surprise party to cheer her up.  I was more than happy to do that and immediately panicked and called my go-to girl, Marcia.  Marcia and I put our heads together and did loads of planning and preparation and party hauling...because there were 50 people invited!  YIKES, and most of them are coming because everybody loves Suzy!  We were so happy to get to do this for Suzy, and on short notice it meant we really had to be organized.

But it reminds me to say that in Slimming World they are big on planning and preparation. Sometimes they jokingly say, in their lovely British accents, that we have to "mind our PP's"!  We all snicker and crack up, but it is so true.

So, in my PP, I was sure to include ham, a big, huge fruit platter, and a southwestern bean salad that is FREE.  In fact, all the Slimming World guests will have some great options to eat at Suzy's party.  It all tastes great and looks great and is healthy.   I just might have to save this entry and upload a few photos of the Birthday table and Birthday party since loads of hauling went into it all! And if I publish too soon she could read this on her phone on the way to the party and spoil the surprise!

Do you have great food options for a party you would like to share?
Slimming World Birthday Feast!
The weather was beautiful and a good time had by all, thanks for getting older Suzy!


  1. laurel, why do i feel like every day with you would be like a party? you seem a great friend and it looks like a great banquet. suzy is blessed for having friends like you.

  2. just added you to my reader, the chicken looks awesome!

  3. THAT looks SO yummy!! No wonder SW is easy to follow!

  4. Thanks for putting all your thoughts and recipes on your blogspot! You look wonderful!