Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Roasted Vegetable Heaven

I get inspired when I go to the produce market.  I always have.  Sometimes I am so inspired I want to draw what I saw, or paint it, or arrange it. This watercolor was of a vegetable stand in Pike Place Market in Seattle.    Didn't God create the most beautiful shapes and colors?  There's nothing prettier than God's creation. 

So often when I get home from buying produce I want to make roasted veggies.  There are so many wonderful combinations of roasted vegetables and so many lovely ways to eat them.  They can be a base for fish or chicken, a sandwich, great on a pizza, layered in a casserole for a vegetable lasagne, eaten as a topping for pasta or rice or just plain eaten! Roasting them brings out all the flavor and sweetness.  Today I sprayed a cookie sheet with my friend, Pam spray and then put sliced eggplant on it.  I sprayed the top of the eggplant and added salt and pepper.  I put a piece of roasted Hatch green chili on each eggplant slice and some crushed garlic.  I added chunks of yellow bell pepper, zucchini (corgette), onion and cherry tomato.  After it cooked about 15 minutes I turned the eggplant over and added mushrooms.  Today I ate the veggies with Mexican rice and Turkey burgers.  But I made plenty so I could have them tomorrow too.  Aren't they beautiful?

Have you experiemented with roasted vegetables?  I love some of the combinations I come up with and I will surely share them.  Yum!

This is my leftovers...Roasted vegetables and turkey wrap with watermelon.

This morning I was talking with Mark about Slimming World.  I can honestly say that this is the first time I have ever been on a diet that I didn't even think thoughts like..."when I lose this weight I am going to eat____"  or "I can't wait until I can go back to having more _____"  I am just always so satisfied.  That is why I think I can do this for the long haul.  Share your roasted veggie ideas with me!  I will soon be doing a haul at my favorite Spice store...Penzey's.  I love experimenting with spices on roasted veggies!  Oh, and I lost 3 pounds this week eating all this fabulous I am a Smaller Hauler!


  1. Congratulations on today. Looks like my next adventure needs to be the roasted veggies. What is the wrap and how many syns points.

  2. The wrap would be a "B" choice and it is a Flat Out Light Wheat Bread wrap. No other syns involved. If you counted it as syns instead of as a B choice this particular wrap would be 4.5 syns and it also makes a yummy pizza with turkey pepperoni. There are recipes on the flatout website which I think is I roast my veggies without Olive oil so there are no syns to count, turkey is free too and watermelon is a super speed food.