Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Woman of the Year!

Let me introduce you to Donetta...she is so sweet.  We are all so warmed by her kindness and encouraging words every week.  We can all probably close our eyes and see her routing us on in our journeys.  That is what it is is a journey!  Donetta was elected as "Woman of the Year" in my group today.

With other weight loss plans that I have been on I have always dreaded the day that I went there.  I have resented the time that I had to spend sitting in the group and I HATED going to get weighed.  I hated weighing and measuring and counting everything I put in my mouth.  I found a plan with freedom from all of that!

I have to tell you that right now I am not really happy because I gained a pound this week.  And I so wish I had eaten some yummy cake or treat that justifies my weight gain, but I did not.  I am steadfast.  And I will remain that way.  See, the thing is, because of people like Donetta in my group it is such a wonderful place to be.  We are all on the journey together with our ups and our downs.  I don't dread going to Slimming World.  They make the journey so much fun. 

I know, one of my friends recently said that I think everything is fun. But this is different.  There are so many things at a meeting that are FUN!  It is nothing like I have seen at any of the others and I HAVE DONE THEM ALL! I so wish this would spread like a wildfire across the country so you could be in a group too.  Because, I want you to know, you are not alone in your struggle...there is a Donetta near you, or a Sonya, or a Nancy, or an Amber or a Karen or Rachel...cheering you on and believing you can do it!

You can sign up to do Slimming World online at and online it is called Body Optimising.  It is different than being in a group because you won't be blessed to have Donetta there cheering you on each week.  But hey, let me know you are doing it with me and I will cheer for you!  Cheers go out today to Marilena from Georgia who has just completed her first week online!  She lost 7 pounds!  WOW!  You go girl!  They will simply not recognize you when you get back home!  Marilena has not figured out how to post a comment but she has been watching and a Slimming World leader gave her my number and she called me today to say how well she has done!  So glad to meet you Marilena!

Wish I could say I did the same today Marilena, but hey, I am real about this and I got lemons today so I am going to go make some is a super slimming food!


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  1. Tell Donetta I send her my congratulations!

    I know what you mean about the people at group. I have one of those wonderful groups too. :)