Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fan Mail

Yes, that is right, little ol' me got my first fan mail! And here is a picture to prove it! When I made my first video I knew I was going to have to communicate to my cameraman Josh that I was ready to quit the video...and not knowing what to do, I said, "Peace, OUT!"  He knew precisely what to do then and since it worked once I did it everytime as a way to end the video.  So this gal, who watched the videos found the perfect way to motivate me!

I was so excited because not only was the note awesome, this gal knew I would be so smitten with the "Peace Out" stamp that she used to make this card!  She included the stamp when she sent the card to me!  She has been watching my videos and encouraging me all the way!  Woot! paws2ink!  She made me so happy I decided to do a little exercise...and it had to be fun of here's a picture to prove I did it!
Dance Dance Revolution was fun exercise!

And tonight I decided to exercise more by making my own cards and by sending a bloggy thank you to paws2ink for my first fan mail. 

I used Art Tissue, which is colored tissue paper that is supposed to bleed and I took card stock, a water spray bottle and torn pieces to make my background paper.  Spray the paper slightly and apply pieces of paper.

Then spray with water to make tissue bleed.

Put another layer of card stock on top to blot up excess water and color and use it as the next card stock that you add more tissue to!  Remove little pieces of tissue ad discard them.  Allow cardstock to dry and keep making more colored card stock until you are sick and tired of all the exercise!
Iron the colored card stock to remove all dampness so that it is easy to cut!

Stamp with the cutest stamp ever and layer on your colored card stock for a great card!

and through the magic of blogging....


Tons of nifty cards for my fellow Slimmingworld friends who are on this incredible journey with me! Now don't you wish you were coming tomorrow so you could have one too?

Thanks Dawna (paws2ink), exercise was fun and you made me do it!

Peace Out!


  1. YAY!!! LOL!! Laurel, I like your card better than mine!! (Of course, I HAD to use Versamark on the stamp 'cause I wanted YOU to have the pleasure of staining the thing!) Thanks for the tutorial! I'll go see if my Michaels has the bleeding tissue paper today!

    I'm so proud of all your accomplishments, and can't wait to hear if you have 'great news' for me this evening!

  2. love the cards Dawna - enjoying the blog Laurel, keep moooooving.....

  3. OMGOsh Laurel, you are such an inspiration and such a JOY to watch. I finally caught up on your videos and made some notes for my next HAUL. I can't wait to see more........and find out more about this no-diet diet.....