Monday, September 20, 2010

One Spicy Hauler hauls SPICES at Penzey's

Man, how did that title grab ya?  Like "She sells seashells at the sea shore"? Well, no seashells, but loads of great spices.  I went today with the spice girls...and I am not naming any names but you know who you are.  They didn't want to be in the video!?!  Can you imagine that?  But they saw me in action, close up and personal like. 

You can watch my haul at Penzey's to feel like you are a SPICE GIRL too!

This is THE BEST cinnamon you ever tasted.  I PROMISE.  It is apple season and even though apples are not super slimming foods I do enjoy them... we like to slice them up and sprinkle this cinnamon on them, and perhaps a packet of splenda but this cinnamon is already so sweet and there is no added sugar!  It is Vietnamese cinnamon.  They have many kinds of cinnamon at Penzey's and you can smell 'em fact, I wish this computer had smell-a vision so you could take a whiff because you'd be convinced!

I am going to try the Salsa salad seasoning in my bean salad recipe that is posted here...can't wait to do that.  And I am super excited about the Spice Blend called "Sunny Paris"  MAN alive did that one smell great...and the Sate and the Curry...

It all re-energized me for cooking ideas...and I bet you want to come over huh?Well, there may just be a Penzey's near you or you can get a catalog or look online at The catalog has loads of recipes to inspire you and remind you of home.

I love that on Slimming World I can so enjoy cooking and food frozen meals, no feeling deprived and now I have lots of fun spices to experiment with!  And so do my anonymous friends, the spice girls!

Maybe you need to spice it up!


  1. Hi! My name is Becky and I have lost 140 lbs through Slimming World in the UK. I am from California, but have been living in the UK for over 8 years now.

    My Slimming World consultant told me about your blog. She reads your blog regularly and loves it and told me about it because I blog too (Skinny Dreaming).

    I am so glad that Slimming World is finally in the US and hope it spreads like wildfire throughout so that my family members can join too!

    You have done an amazing job at losing weight and getting fit. You look fantastic and should be really, really proud of yourself!

  2. Oh Moonduster...thanks so much for sharing your story! I will look for your blog! Don't you love how Slimming World gives you hope and really enables you to lose and think differently about food so that you can keep it off! Amazing that you have lost so much weight! I am only part way there and am now kicking in some Body Magic but I will get there too and begin the journey of maintaining. I love that you blog and will look you up! Thanks for posting!