Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Smaller Hauler - I love my SLIMMERS

The Smaller Hauler - I love my Slimmers!

I made a special Valentine treat for all of my SLIMMERS at Slimming World this week...just because I have a heart for THEM and because it is heart health month and because when you are struggling to get healthy it is nice to have a treat and to know somebody cares...and I do!

We joke alot about Scan Bran at group and we sell it because it was not available in the US at stores, but now that Dr. Oz is also touting the greatness of Scan Bran it is popping up in stores...just not as cheaply as we sell it for.  This recipe, after you taste it, will make you want some scan bran ( for extra fiber, or course... ;-)

Scan Bran Ferrero Rocher

1 syn each, makes 26

8 Scan bran crackers
4 level Tablespoons Nutella
1 level Tablespoon corn syrup
2 Tablespoons water
(I put in more water than the original recipe because it makes them come together much better and I am into easy peasy)

Place the cardboard, um I mean Scan Bran in a food processor to reduce to crumbs.  Mix in all ingredients and divide into small paper cups.  Makes 26!
DO NOT LICK or you will be adding extra syns!

Love you my Slimmers!

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