Sunday, November 14, 2010

My FIRST 5K...

 It's never too late to do your first 5K (hey I thought it was  closer to 5 miles than it is, lol)

A bit behind at the start...

Notice, I did say my FIRST...hmmmm, that is because it was fun and I can see myself doing this again. 

Yes Dee, it does feel great to exercise. 

Yes Janet, it sort of was like going to the spa, especially because I got a free 10 minute massage afterwards from a guy with very strong hands (even when I was saying ouch).  And I was a bit late for my first 5K, I mean, the whole crowd had left the starting point and you will see there was one other gal and me rushing to catch up.  And catch up I did because I arrived back somewhere in the middle of the pack and by no means at the end.  I do have this one little itsy bitsy competitve bone in my body.  Ya, I ran part of the way and walked part of the way and I wanted to sprint at the finish but it was almost like my legs were rubber and were not attached to my body at that point and I thought I might fall!

Yep, it was fun.  Because there were lot of people and I love being with lots of people!

Ya, Emily Moore, I should try Zumba...wanna go with me?  That would be fun...oh, I forgot...there is this little pond to cross to do that...

Anyhow, in honor of all you across the pond who have been so lovely, who have encouraged me so much to exercise, and who have all shared such wonderful recipes and ideas and encouragement with me on the a tribute, I wore my British flag socks! Love ya!  Hey, maybe some day we will all exercise together!

Ha, and someday maybe I will figure out how to turn this right side up!


  1. I'm so proud of you! A 5K is wonderful! And the fun of doing it with lots of others is what makes me do it over and over again. Keep up the good, no GREAT work! I'm sending a friend who is trimming down to your blog for encouragement. God is using you in so many ways!

  2. Congrats on running the 5k! My husband and I have recently taken up running. He's sticking with it better than I am though. We can run a 5k in abot 30 to 35 minutes, but it's exhausting! I prefer running 12 to 13 miles on the elliptical crosstrainer for an hour! LOL!