Monday, August 30, 2010

Recession-Proof Dieting: An Introduction

Hi!  My name is Laurel.  I am so happy to meet you.  My life has been changed by a recession-proof diet.  I call it that because in this economy we can't all afford to have costly weight loss plans where we get to purchase prepared meals that are supposed to be satisfying.  We can't all afford the other plans that have you give yourself daily injections of hormones.  We don't want to take fat blockers and have accidents.  And the number of people who are paying for costly surgeries is amazing! Well, we all know that getting the weight off is one thing and maintaining that is another.  So many people "power through" six weeks of weight loss shakes and puddings only to put it all back on as soon as the shakes are gone.  How do I know?  Been there, done that...probably most of them except surgery.  Somehow it takes a mind change.  And for me, a change that is also not costly.

I found Slimming World.  What is Slimming World?  No, it doesn't have anything to do with Swimming...I said "Slimming".  It isn't really a place either.  I happened to see it on WFAA on Good Morning Texas.  Here is a diet I haven't tried!  These two ladies moved here from the UK to bring this amazing plan to the USA starting right here in North Texas and I got to be in the first group. The meetings are so inexpensive (less than $10.00 a week) and they sell NO PRODUCTS!  You eat REAL FOOD!  You can't get more recession-proof than that unless you are so self-disciplined you can go it alone. No vitamins, no shakes, no injections...just real food without weighing, measuring or counting.  Now that is a plan I can follow.  I don't even have to think about food constantly.  I can just live my life!

That was the beginning of my adventure.  It messed with my head and that is why I am here.  In this blog, I hope to share stories and recipes with pictures and help others in their struggles too.  And I hope to change my mind about exercise and get myself moving...not for a short time but for a lifetime.  Come along and join  me!

It won't be too long before Slimming World spreads its way across the country to you.  Right now you can see what I am doing at Online the program is called "body optimising."  I am uploading Youtube videos and I will also post the links to them here.  You can leave me questions or comments on the videos or on the blog at either place and I will do my best to answer them.  And I will post my before and now pictures and eventually "after" pictures since I am not there yet.  But really, is anyone there?  Where is there?

Here is my first Youtube video...I can be found by going to Youtube and searching for laurelwright7

Click here to see my first video


  1. Right on, Laurel!! Thanks for introducing me to SW!! It's the only plan I've stuck to and the results are so gratifying. The pounds are peeling off and I get to eat pasta and drink milk. One of the best discoveries is Greek Yogurt--- so creamy and delicious---- it tastes like it must be full of fat calories--- but it's not--- Blueberries and Greek Yogurt is my favorite breakfast. JBMcCullagh

  2. yay, laurel! look at you! i was hoping to hook my sister up with slimming world but is it true that there are only meetings in TEXAS??? what's wrong with the rest of the country? why haven't we caught up?

  3. Thanks Juli! Lol, you are the one person who can attest to my disdain for exercise because I invited you to water aerobics and then I floated on my noodle! Good breakfast idea too! Did you see that girls!

    Annie, You are the best! You can hook your sister up to Body Optimise online. The plan is slightly different but we will help her all we can! Slimming World will be spread across this country like a wildfire before we know it and I can't will transform how America eats!