Saturday, March 3, 2012

Thanks Avery!

Avery started losing weight about the same time our family did.  I would love this special little piggy to be the reason that millions of people get healthy and I know that if you want to lose weight and get healthy and KEEP that weight off the best way to do it is on Slimming World USA's weight loss program. 

I love that it has been the same plan for 43 years. 
I love that it is SO AFFORDABLE! 
I love that it has changed my life.
I love that all I have to do is make family meals and buy grocery store food. 
I love that they don't sell anything, no pills, no potions, no shakes, no supplements.
I love that our "losers are our real winners". 
I love that we don't pay celebrities who don't need to lose weight to represent us.
I love that every week people come off of their diabetic medications, even eating unlimited amounds of real food, fruits, veggies, lean meats, non fat dairy, pasta, potatoes and rice!
I love that a whole church can be a support system. 
I love that kids from 11-15 are FREE.
I love that Slimming World is about caring for people. 
I love that I can give hope to people who have given up a long time ago.
I love that you don't need to be hungry, it is a fully balanced healthy plan and you don't need to be deprived. 
I love that I get to tell everyone about it and you can to...because, together WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  We can make the US the healthiest country in the world.  We have the resources.  Will you join me?  Will you take Avery's challenge?

It has made a difference in my life and it will make one in yours too, no matter where you live.  Will you let me help you?  It would make Avery one happy pig. Yeah, I know, my before picture looks like an old lady.  That's what it does to you.  I'm here for you, together we can...

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