Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mini Chocolate 2 syn tarts!

 Tracy Sanders and I put on our thinkin caps about that powdered whipped topping. We used the Kroger brand which uses 1/2 cup Skim milk to make it.  Some may also know it as Dream whip. And I will tell you what...OMG!! It is so gosh darn delicious!!!! SOOOO...we were thinkin' Sugar Free Jello, Yogurt and whipped topping...
I didnt have any sugar-free jello in the house, but I did have the sugar free choc pudding and fat free milk.
I got some of those little mini fillo tart shells. Whipped up the pudding, and topped it with the fat free whipped
topping and dusted it with cocoa. YUMMMMMMY!  Doesn't taste like a diet dessert at all.
 Then I used half of the pudding and half of the whipped topping, mixed them together and plopped it in the crusts. Wowzer...thats good too!!
Everything inside of those little tarts are sugar-free,fat-free. The only Syns I am seeing is for the little tart.
1 syn each for those and to prtoect you weight loss you may add another syn for the filling, even though it is divided by 56 it would have some syn value if you ate more than one!  The next thing is the Yogurt, Sugar Free Jello, whipped topping tarts...standby for that...maybe some red and green ones for the Holiday!

Here is my batch made 54 tarts!! Im bringing those to my next party you can bet!


Mini Chocolate Tarts

3 boxes fillo tart shells
1 pkg sugar-free choc pudding (mix with FF milk,use the pie measurement, not the pudding)
1 envelope powdered whip topping(mix with FF milk and vanilla)

Makes 54 tartlets


  1. Ok...these look yummy! A definate must try.

  2. Loved this! Already tried it and will be taking them to parties!